This is not the place for off the shelf same old same old

You must be planning a ceremony!

Just remember, you are in the driving seat and you decide how you want your ceremony to sound and look. If you’re wanting a Fab Ceremony, this is the place to come.

“To love, to be loved, makes us human

It has your name on it, you are the main characters in it, and it is all about you.

I will keep it that way by working with you to craft a one-of-a-kind ceremony that reflects you, your personality and tells your unique story.

It is important that your personality, your style and your vibe are the centre of everything said and done during your ceremony. Your ceremony will always champion your expression of who you are.

I’m Gary

of Fab Ceremonies

…and I am a very experienced and fully qualified Wedding and Naming Celebrant. I would love to help make your day as unique and different as you are!

Make a Statement and Break the Rules!

Seen it all before? not this time

I specialise in ‘All About You’ ceremonies to make you ‘shine bright, like a diamond!’ If you don’t want normal, let’s do special, if you don’t want traditional, let’s do sensational, if you don’t want ordinary, let’s do extra-ordinary and if you won’t conform, let’s break the rules!

“My life is full because I am loved
As an independent celebrant, I am free when it comes to religion, spirituality, customs, time and place. The ceremonies I write are based on what is important to you. I will always champion your expression of who you are.

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