What makes a wedding ceremony fabulous?

Well, YOU do of course! But, so does everything else that happens in it! And of course, everybody wants a GOOD ceremony.

Including both of you, as the couple, and your guests!

The last thing you want is to be stood there bored to tears, and they don’t want to be sat there counting the chairs and windows or making excuses to go to the toilet and grabbing a quick half at the bar (although some will probably do that anyway!)

But what is it that makes a good wedding ceremony, you ask? Well, as a wedding celebrant, it’s my job to create Fab Ceremonies. So, I’m about to give you 8 fun ideas that will make your wedding ceremony the talk of your guests long after you’re back from your honeymoon!

Rituals and Symbolic Actions

Firstly, let’s talk Rituals and Symbolic Actions. Most wedding ceremonies have an exchange of rings, which is certainly a lovely symbolic moment in your wedding ceremony, accompanied by making vows to each other. But why not incorporate another symbolic ritual, as well, in your wedding that makes it unique to you? It’s great to get creative in these moments. For example, Handfasting is a lovely, colourful and visual ritual that can include some of your guests participating in.

You, the couple, hold hands so that your wrists are touching. A length of ribbon or cord is then looped around your hands. The couple make a vow or declaration at each loop, this can be incorporated with an exchange of rings. The final tie is normally done fairly loosely so that you can keep the knotted ribbon as a special symbol of your marriage. The ribbon is made up of two or more pieces of material to represent the couple, or different coloured strands that represent important parts of your relationship. You can nominate significant guests to come a include a particular ribbon to add even more meaning. Guaranteed to give your wedding ceremony impact (both for you and your guests.)

Music and singing

Everyone loves a good sing-song – and if you say you don’t, I don’t believe you! Including a sing along is a sure-fire way of having a good wedding ceremony! that feeling where everyone is singing along, and everyone’s energy is focused on the song is ELECTRIC. What’s your song?


Bring on the dancing girls or fellas! I love a wedding ceremony with a dancing element to it. Getting your guests up and dancing you down the aisle to a salsa or Conga is a lovely way to celebrate the big moment.

Ring duty

Another great way to make your wedding ceremony out of the ordinary is to break the rules! Let someone else be responsible for the rings (sorry, Best Man, but it’s one less thing for you to worry about, isn’t it?). Why not get the children to hand them over, or your Mums or Nans? In fact, why stop at humans? Why not get your dog to be your ring bearer and bring them down the aisle?

Flower girls?

Having your grans or brothers walk down the aisle and scatter it with flowers, petals or confetti will signal to guests that they’re in for an excellent time! It’s also a lovely way of making the ceremony as personal as possible, by including the people who aren’t traditionally included in the line-up but nevertheless are very significant to you.

Personal vows

Personal vows are my absolute favourite way of making a wedding ceremony exceptional, every single time! If couples have written their own vows, it’s always the best part of the ceremony by far.

Everyone else gets involved in your love story, and it’s the most glorious thing and full of ‘ahh’s’ and wet hankies and lumps in throats! Plus, you get to enjoy the gratitude from your guests for not having to sit through the traditional vows again.

Getting your guests involved

If audience participation is your idea of hell, don’t worry. A lot of the ideas I’ve detailed above get your guests more involved anyway, just by virtue of being interesting. However, there are ways of involving your guests more directly in activities that won’t shake them to the very core.

For example, ‘warming of the rings’, where your rings are passed round your guests to bestow them with their well wishes.

A one of a kind ceremony

The best wedding ceremonies are the ones that are unique to you.

Celebrant led wedding ceremonies allow you SO much freedom with how you celebrate your love. I regularly hear guests saying that they’ve never been to a wedding this incredible and unforgettable.