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Alternative Wedding Themes

After the kind of year we’ve all had, we can understand if you want to live a little. Your wedding, for one, is a celebration that should be out of the norm. We don’t believe in Cliché weddings here at Fab ceremonies. We believe that you can and should go beyond the same old ideas when it comes to your celebration.

We’ve got you a bit covered when it comes to that. This is a creative list of nine wedding themes that are out of the ordinary. You can choose to use any of these alternative wedding ideas to plan your wedding or use them as inspiration. The decision is yours. Read on to find out about them and what they entail.

  • An Animal Wedding Theme

If you have pets that you love or you’re big on animals, you could go with this idea. If you or your partner is an animal scientist or works in the zoo, it would make it even better. This wedding theme would be a great way to personalize your wedding and involve your pets. Just remember to make sure that your wedding venue is animal friendly. You could even choose to have your wedding in an actual zoo!

Renting an animal is also a thing we’ve seen couples that apply this theme do. This is useful if you don’t have any pets. You can include them in your photos during your wedding photo session. We’ve seen animals as great ring bearers too.

With your décor, there are many ways to incorporate this theme. From your table names and details to your favours, you can include animal designs. For wedding gifts, you can ask for presents that are totally out of the norm. We’ve seen couples ask for a donation to a wildlife shelter as wedding gifts or favours.

  • An Art Deco Wedding

This theme takes its inspiration from the glam of Paris and New York in the 1920s and 30s. It’s an elegant theme with elaborate décor and outfits, so be ready to go all the way for this one. Start by choosing an elegant venue for your celebration. It should give you Great Gatsby vibes. Then go for wedding colours that are bright, bold and colourful. Flash accessories would also work.

  • A Bohemian Wedding Theme

Boho weddings have become popular over the years and for good reasons too. They’re based on self-creativity and have this relaxed free atmosphere to them. What people especially love about Boho weddings is how they utilize natural surroundings and bright colours. The dress codes are less formal, too, and mismatched bridesmaids usually perfect the theme.

  • An Eco-Friendly Wedding

The world is fast moving to the point of no return when it comes to global warming. One of the ways that we can slow that down is by being eco-conscious in every aspect of our lives. So, of course, weddings are not left out.

You can have an alternative wedding that is eco-friendly. The key to having this type of wedding is to cut on your energy footprint. Use as many recycled items as you can and products that have a low impact on the environment. The more biodegradable it is, the better.

You can also go for a plastic-free wedding and a sustainable honeymoon too. Just make sure that whatever you do does not have a negative impact on the planet.

  • Minimalist Wedding

In these times, with the pandemic raging, a minimalist wedding is probably a great idea. This theme strips away all the excesses when it comes to weddings and leaves just the bare essentials.

For example, you can forgo all the drama and stick to a neutral or monochromatic colour scheme. Some couples also choose to have a few standout items as part of their décor to balance things a bit.

  • Retro Wedding Theme

The vibes to replicate at your retro wedding are nostalgic and old fashioned. Be bold with your style, and work with bright colours as much as you can. Don’t forget to throw in a few throwback details from that era.

For example, you could serve coke in those signature glass bottles. There are many other décor ideas that you can look into to help you portray this theme perfectly. An art gallery would be the perfect venue for a wedding like this.

  • Rock Wedding Theme

For a rock wedding theme, there are many ways you could go. Incorporate lots of black and white in your celebration and make sure that your attires have an edge to it. Other details that would make this theme include a street style gown, leather jackets, and jeans. The right kind of music would also play a part, so don’t think it’s too much to hire a rock band. You’ll all have a swell time with this one.

  • Rustic Wedding Theme

The rustic wedding theme is similar to the Boho wedding, but it is a little bit more traditional. It, however, also uses a natural colour palette and natural elements in its décor. Probably a lot more than the Boho wedding. A barn is a perfect venue for this kind of wedding, and you should also use lots of wooden details. Please stick to the beauty of nature heavily when it comes to this wedding theme.

  • TV/Film Wedding Theme

If you’re both huge fans of a TV Show, you can represent that at your wedding. All you have to do is choose it as your wedding theme and go from there. We’ve seen many couples go with the Games of Thrones and Harry Potter theme. Create an atmosphere at your celebration that memorably represents the theme using your décor, fashion, and other wedding details. Best of luck!!!

Here at Fab Ceremonies, we believe in unique wedding celebrations. So, if you’re planning an out-of-the-norm celebration in the UK and need a Celebrant, I am your guy. From Rock weddings to Boho celebrations, Retro weddings, and more, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is reach out to us, and let’s get started. Contact us today!