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4 Tips to Help You Plan Your Destination Wedding

When it comes to planning your dream destination wedding, saying yes to the location where your nuptials will take place is just the first step. Not only is the venue on your mind, but all of the other wedding essentials (we’ll get to those!)

Whether you are coming from the next country or from halfway across the world, destination weddings require a little more planning and attention to detail. If you’re in the beginning stages of planning and wondering where to start, I’m going to give you a few pointers on the things to keep in mind to ensure that your destination wedding is as fab as you have imagined!

Hire a planner

While it is not essential, it will certainly relieve a lot of unnecessary stress and be an investment you won’t regret! Hiring a planner is even more beneficial if you don’t have the time or know-how when it comes to planning a wedding (which can sometimes feel like a part-time job in itself.)

When a destination is involved and it comes to traveling for your big day, having someone who can oversee all of your wedding and travel plans can allow you to enjoy the day to its fullest. The last thing you want is to have your wedding day coming to an end and look back and to not have enjoyed the process.

When you begin the process of searching for a planner, ensure that this person either has experience in planning destination weddings (very important as there are so many different moving pieces involved), or they are located where your wedding is taking place.

A few of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner for your ceremony destination are:

  • If it is in a country where they speak a different language (like in Spain where the native tongue is Spanish), your planner will be able to assist you in navigating any contracts and conversations between vendors
  • saving money on travel for your planner
  • your planner will have recommendations and connections to the best local vendors which can save you money if they are able to offer special discounts
  • knowledge of the area when it comes to nearby accommodations like hotels and airports


Go all-inclusive

When you’re searching for a hotel for your holiday, you’re going to be drawn to something that has a pool and a complimentary breakfast bar in the morning included in the package, right? The same goes for booking your venue!

Looking at all of the wedding inspiration on Pinterest can be fun until you start penciling in all of the details that go into planning that dream destination ceremony, it’s probably more than you initially thought! Finding a venue that is all-inclusive (or gets as close to it as possible) will not only make planning your wedding easier but could save you money in some areas that will allow you to put that saved change towards another area like your honeymoon!

A few of the essentials to making your wedding day complete are going to be rentals (like tables, chairs, decor), and catering (both food and drinks.) If you’re needing to rent chairs for the ceremony or reception, you are going to need to locate a rental vendor and coordinate the drop-off, delivery, and pick up of these items. If needing to bring in outside catering, you’ll also need to locate a catering company that can accommodate your guest count, plus coordinates with your venue in regards to how the catering company will serve your guests. Those are just two small aspects of your wedding. Sound tiring yet? Don’t let these details defeat you!

You can alleviate a lot of this stress and confusion that can sometimes come along with it by finding a venue that will include many of the above items. This is not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t rent outside items like tableware or decor if that’s what you would like to do to bring your dream wedding to life, but it will take a lot off your plate if those items are already included.

Plus, if you will be having guests travel in from out of town (no matter how far), having a venue that also offers hotel accommodations can be a major plus! If you’ve found a venue that doesn’t offer hotel accommodations and you have guests traveling in for your wedding, don’t let that stop you from booking! The venue will most likely have recommendations of places nearby that your guests can book out, and sometimes will have connections with those hotels that can offer a special deal if a certain number of rooms are reserved for the event (don’t be afraid to ask!)

Many venues also have an in-house coordinator that will be by your side leading up to your wedding day to answer any questions regarding the venue and can seamlessly work with your planner (if you have chosen to work with one) to ensure your day is everything you imagined!

There are so many venues in Spain that have all-inclusive options! If you’re looking for a beachside wedding that includes not only your tables, chairs, linens, and customizable catering options, but also an in-house planner that can assist in hotel and flight organization, check out Nuevo & Sur on Los Alamos Beach in Malaga!


Location, Location, Location!

There’s a little more that goes into choosing your venue than just loving what it looks like, it’s also all about the location. When looking at possible venue options, look at what is located around it.

-Is it in a large city that is near an airport?

-Are there hotel accommodations nearby for your guests (or does your venue offer a hotel option like mentioned above?)

-Do the nearby hotels offer complimentary (or affordable) taxi or transportation services to your venue?

-Are there other activities around that your guests could take part in in the days leading up to or after the wedding?

These are all questions to consider when picking the location of your venue!

Remember that not only do you want this to be an enjoyable experience for you but for your guests as well—especially if they’re traveling from afar to celebrate your union. The more options available to them when it comes to arranging their plans, the happier you and your guests will be!

If you’re looking for a venue that not only offers a couple of different ceremony locations to choose from on-site but also offers hotel accommodations as well as nearby activities such as beautiful golf courses, ask about hosting your wedding at Palacete de Cázulas in Andalucia!


Hiring a FAB Celebrant

Not everyone has choosing their wedding celebrant at the top of their list and I often ask myself, why not? We are the ones leading you as the soon-to-be-married couple through your ceremony, making both you and your guests laugh and/or shed a tear, and making it an overall memorable experience for everyone coming together to celebrate your love with you.

The last thing that you want after perfecting all of the details of your big day is to be stressing your way through the ceremony with one eye shut, holding your breath at the altar hoping that everything your celebrant is choosing to say will be true and meaningful to you as a couple.

By choosing Fab Ceremonies, I am here for you and to relieve any worries you may have about your nuptials. What will be said? Will it be true to me and my partner? Will it represent who we are as a couple? Not to worry, your ceremony is completely custom written for you because this is your wedding and we are doing it your way. My job is to tell your story, your job is to enjoy the day!

PLUS when it comes to your destination wedding, I travel, making it convenient for you and helping you tick another box on your list (high-five!)

I am all about taking the time throughout this process to connect with you as a couple to get to know you and for you to get to know me. I’m there for you every step of the process leading up to the wedding day (even assisting in writing vows or speeches if needed) to perfect your bespoke wedding ceremony and answer any questions you may have.

This is a day you have both been waiting for months, even years and you deserve to feel seen and loved by everyone in the room! On your wedding day itself, I will be there to communicate with all vendors including your wedding planner, photographer, and anyone else who is playing a part in your big day to ensure everything goes to plan and I deliver a ceremony that no one will forget!

I hope these tips above helped you in planning your destination wedding! Are you ready to celebrate? I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned! Get in touch and let’s start writing your story together!